Photo Album

Hispanic Heritage, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Bullying Prevention

Welcome booth in Spanish
Parents sitting in gym in front of row of Hispanic flags
Parents sitting in Hispanic culture themed gym
Parents sitting at pink tables with balloons
Hispanic Heritage Month centerpiece
Table with blue cover and food
Woman posing in traditional Mexican clothing
Woman in traditional Latin clothing and man at front of gym
3 women posing next to Breast Cancer Awareness table
Woman in tradition Mexican clothing in middle of gym
2 women and 2 children in traditional Latin clothing dancing in gym
Breast Cancer Awareness message in frame
Breast Cancer Awareness themed table
Parents at table using laptops
Parents on laptops
4 parents at table using laptops
Woman watching over parents using laptops
Boy pointing at laptop mother is using
Man in suit standing next to table of parents
Police officer and woman posing by UCPD Banner and table
Welcome back to school themed table
2 women holding a baby each
Woman in school themed dress in front of Welcome Back booth
Woman in traditional Mexican clothing using laptop and projector
"Good parenting is a gift of love" sign
School success starts at home presentation slide
Teacher in sparkly shirt
Parents sitting at red tables with welcome back decorations
Parents sitting at table with welcome back balloons
Police officer and woman posing in gym
Police woman standing next to bully-free zone table
Bully-free zone table
Parents sitting at pink tables looking left
Breast cancer awareness cupcake stand and candles
Woman in pink sweater standing behind pink table
Woman in Cuban flag dress posing with 3 women in pink shirts
Parents sitting at blue tables looking right
Bullying prevention presentation slide in Spanish
Breast Cancer Awareness decorated table and banner
Police officer and woman in traditional Mexican clothes
2 women in Breast Cancer Awareness shirts behind table
Man and woman wearing traditional Latin clothing dancing
Dance partners in traditional Latin clothing
Police women speaking at front of gym
Police officer and woman in traditional Mexican clothing by Bully-free zone table
Police officer standing by Breast Cancer Awareness table and woman in themed dress
5 women standing in front of Breast Cancer Awareness table
3 women standing in front of Breast Cancer Awareness table