Photo Album

First Day of School

Mother and son at school gate entrance
Parents with 2 boys in uniform
2 girls in uniform on sidewalk
Mom posing with son in uniform
Administrators checking in students
Father posing with little boy at top of stairs
Mom posing with 2 students in uniform
Girl and boy in uniform on sidewalk
Girl in uniform outside
Father and son on sidewalk outside gate
Senior lady and girl in uniform on sidewalk
Mom wearing First Day of School shirt and son in uniform
Crossing guard guiding girl on sidewalk
Mr. Albiez says be on time & you'll be fine 7:55 sign
2 women with girl in uniform outside
Boy wearing uniform
Mom holding daughter outside
Teacher with boy in uniform in school entrance doorway
Father with 2 boys in uniform outside building
Police officer and elderly man with boy and girl in uniform
Teacher greeting mom and son entering school
Mom with girl in uniform and boy in stroller
Elderly woman and boy holding hands
Family posing outside school